Appilo is all about performance

Modern computing has changed. The requirements of what we need done today, and what we will require done in the following years, aim at constantly increasing data sizes at ever increasing rates. The era of sequential computing is over. The reign of parallel processing has come.

We understand

Appilo understands the needs of modern applications. With an arsenal of relevant tools and technologies, such as GPU computing (CUDA / OpenCL), Hybrid processing techniques (utilizing specialized accelerators in parallel) and even plain old multi-threading, we are geared to tackle your performance striving needs.

Together with our highly skilled group of partners, we are all set to assist you in getting the work done, and on time.

“Appilo completed the project milestones on time, and provided us with an end-result that far exceeded our expectations. We would recommend Appilo to anyone who values professionally written, high-performance code.” -- Densys3D